Taking profile picture requests! (I should probably keep the same topic, but whatever)


I know I've done this 2 times before, and I know I should probably revive one of those topics, but oh well. Anyways, I will be taking profile picture requests!


The pictures I will make will have what I call a Modernistic style to them (like the example).



I will do as many as I can before I have to do something else or something like that.

Edit: no longer taking requests, only doing the ones I already have. I have something cooler planned though.


Letter/number/symbol: BD
Color(s): White/light colors
Theme: simplistic



That looks awesome! Thanks so much! I'll set it to my profile pic after Christmas!



Uh can you surprise me plz

I love surprises!


Letter/number/symbol: E
Color(s): Red and Green
Theme: Christmas




I read first time "can you plz suspend me" :00


Sorry for taking so long .-.


Letter/number/symbol: lightning bolt
Color(s): mostly black, some teal, and yellow
Theme: simple but cool


Sorry for taking so long .-.


Sorry for taking so long .-.




WOAH TYSM! It's amazing :00



Thanks! :smiley:


Is it possible if you can do the same thing, but with Enchy? It might be hard since there's a lot of letters, but could you try?

If you can't, it's okay :D

Also, your welcome!