Taking Profile Pic Requests! (Not like anyone cares) (They actually do though)Yay


Hi! So I Am Bored, so I decided to take profile Pic requests!
(Not too many)
Here is The form:
Paper or Digital-
Skin/Fur color
Clothes (shoulder up)-
Eye Color-
Hair Style-
Hair Color-


I care

Here is one. It would be my user card background. FIRST!


Your welcome


Here you go @sophia71205!
(Sorry Its Bad it was taken at a really weird angle, and I couldnt find good lighting!) I you want me to add anything let me know!

I hope you enjoy!


That is great! Give me a minute or so and check my bio.


Yay! Glad you like it! (The lighting wasnt good, Sorry hour that:/


I don't mind the lighting. It is now in my bio.



Paper or Digital- um digital
Species- dog
Gender- girl
Skin/Fur color um gold/white ish
Clothes (shoulder up)- none
Eye Color- brown
Hair Style- none
Hair Color- none
Extras- um maybe a bone in her mouth


Okay I will get to these tommorow night! Yay!




Why is it so smoll? (The Pic)


Here you go @KiraForPrez!


Thank you soooo much! That is really good!


Thanks so much! Glad you requested!


I going to put that as my profile background! Thanks for the idea @sophia71205


Yay! I dont know Why hers was so smol tho.


I love the detail! For that I'll put you in my bio (Unless you tell me otherwise)


Thanks! It was actually kinda simple, I thought:3


For me that's kinda challenging (Don't judge meh)