Taking Poring requests!



Ok! I did @Fun_in_the_Sun's request, tho!
Here! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xum9n8thp
Also, :heart:4u


Great! I'm doing @CrystalPanda's!


@RenegadeBird1 can you do the galaxy bg? I'm having trouble with the wait block :grin:


Sure! :wink:


Thanks! We're a good team :smile:


Here's a like! :heart:


Could I join the Collab club, plz!!


Ask @XiaoMiaoMi! She was the one who introduced us to porings!


Where should I ask?? I really want to be a part of it @XiaoMiaoMi


Here! :wink:
And a :heart:4u!


That's great! :smile:


She is not on right now, if she is on hopscotch can you ask her about me!! Plz, well anyways thanks @RenegadeBird1


It is AWESOME I love it!


Thanks! We have to do something about the arch thing, so it won't get in the way in backgrounds! Also, you did great!!! :D


Thanks! That arch was really annoying me :sweat_smile:


Can I help out? I signed up for this as well.


Sure! Are you doing forum requests with @DancingLollipop and I, or on HS?


Idc. I can do it here on on hs.


So... on HS?
Ok! Those are the easier versions!