Taking Poring requests!



As you might have heard, porings are becoming a popular batch of cuteness! @XiaoMiaoMi has created a trend that has invaded the entire Hopscotch community! You might have seen it, or you might have not, but either way, it's unbelievable how porings have become so engaged in the spread that's all over Hopscotch now!

Anyways, requests are being taken by the collab account that multiple people, including me, are sharing. You can find it by searching up "Poring_Invasion"! For the colors of the poring, you can choose a specific HSB color if you want!

Here's the form:

This is required:
First color(top):
Second color(middle):
Third color(bottom):
Eye color:
Username Color:

If you want..
Accessories:(e.g. Cape, bow, cat/bear ears, glasses...)
Background: (only one or two specific colors)*can add glitter/sparkles
Specific details:
Fourth color:
Fifth color:
Sixth color:

When the request is finished, I will @ you. Thank you, and please be patient! :D

How in the WORLD did Porings get so popular?! (THE WAR HAS BEGUN) (COLLAB)
How in the WORLD did Porings get so popular?! (THE WAR HAS BEGUN) (COLLAB)

... anyone? :T


Can u make a vampire poring that feeds on other porings?


...um? xD
...if you fill out the form
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Skin color-light grey
Eye color-Red
Lips-Dark purple


Lol I mean the form that's posted above, please.
EDIT: ok, there we go!


Nevermind. Someone else will ask soon.
Don't worry about making it.


I created the vampire! Could you do the cape? Not sure what I should do for it :sweat_smile:


@Stradyvarious we made it! :D
(If it doesn't work, reload)


This is required:
First color(top): Pale Navy
Second color(middle): Navy
Third color(bottom): Dark Navy
Gender: Girl
Eye colour: Light purple

If you want..
Accessories: Dog Collar around neck, darkness around eyes
Background: A room with a dark purple floor and checkered walls
Expression: Shy
Extras: Logo "Oka Ruto" below the Poring
Specific details: None
Fourth color:
Fifth color:
Sixth color:

This is based off Yandere Simulator


Ok, we'll do it ASAP!


can I request?
Just a galaxy poring with panda ears I don't care what colour.
I am GalaxyPanda on hopscotch


Can you specify please? (Form is on top) :wink:
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Can you make a Poring that looks very, very similar to your own profile pic?
With the pencil, of course!


LOL that's actually a good idea!


Here is my request @RenegadeBird1


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Light light gray
Light gray


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*gasps in relief
Thank goodness yours isn't too complicated! :wink:


Ok I'm going to make some!