Taking Pixel Art Requests!(Request Now!)


Ok so I am taking at most 3 or 4 pixel art requests. I just need a photo, preferably with no text in it because that makes Pixel Stitch(the thing I use to make my template) all weird. So yeah. They will be at most 2,500 pixels, but they can be any less. All I need for your request is a photo of what you want me to do the pixel art of.




Ok I can try hold on a second


The multicolored sprinkles make it look like someone threw up on top of the donut, the image is to small


That’d be funny to see
Also can i choose another image?


Yeah I am not going t do that image, if you can find a better image and go onto pixel stitch and create a width of 50 stitch with the photo and it doesn’t look completely bad I will do it.


Try this

It doesn’t look bad


Would I be able to have one

Can you do this or is it too difficult or two small? If so I can find another image

If you can do it pls don’t do the DWW


Ooh please do this for me:



one of these maybe


Ummm, if your still taking requests, this might be hard but…


Ok, I will do the donut, Pluto, and gabite(I dont the name of the Pokémon, but Garchomp’s basic form) I can do the Undertake an the ravenclaw stuff later if I have time.


It’s name is gible.


Ok, I will make your gible pixel art,


@BlastFusion could you find an image of Gible with a black or colored background, because any empty background won’t show a grid.


Is this ok?




Could you crop the image so the key isn’t in the image?




Ok thanks. I will shorten the length and height to make it 50x50, because that is the max length of my template. Hold on a second