Taking Pixel Art Requests (of people!)


Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Expression: Smirk (kind of like :smirk:)
Freckles?: no
Skin color: Beige
Kind of clothes (specify if you want a jacket or some kind of covering): grey tennis shoes, blue jeans and a black shirt with an American flag on it (if possible, I don’t know what size you’re doing. If it’s not just do a red white and blue diagonal striped shirt or something)


Thank you so much! Please tag me when you are done!


Wait how long is this closed for


Until I finish all the requests…

But that’ll take a while, so stay tuned!



people need to see this

yes yes


Already tagged uwu



didn’t see that

or did i


HueHueHue :japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::rotating_light::oncoming_police_car::policeman:‍♂️:oncoming_police_car::cry:


Can u do a squirrel because I’m a squirrel


Well can I give you my request in the meantime


There! @Pixel_POP





Form: form. Yes.
Eye color: turquoise in left eye, blue in right eye
Hair color: dark chocolate (isn’t it weird how we use things like that to describe colors?)
Expression: this: :/
Freckles?: nah
Skin color: uhhh peach I guess
Kind of clothes (specify if you want a jacket or some kind of covering): turquoise sweater with blue lightning bolt on it, blue jeans, dress shoes

Hope this works for ya


Can you tag me when this reopens again? This is a cool idea and I’m excited to see the results! :slight_smile:



Once I finish STVH, you’ll be in line after @Mr.rex.



Hey guYs!

JusT lettiNg you know thAt the prOgram I uSe to crEate these avataRs woN’t allOw me to do sOmethings, so don’t bE too upset if thE finisHed proDuct isn’t verBatim to youR forM.