Taking Pixel Art Requests (of people!)


Hi, guYs!

Currently, I’m opening requests for pixel art- but not animals and other things.

I want to pixelify YOU!

No, not like I’m digitally scanning your faCe and making it into pixels. I mean like how some people take drawing requests on HopScotch. (people do that, rigHt?) The pixel art will be your whole body, so make sure to fill in all the sections of the form.

Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Kind of clothes (specify if you want a jacket or some kind of covering):

Unlike drawing requests, I can’t do redos, so make sure your form is correct before sending.

Currently in line:

This is what people do, right?: @omtl



Whoa cool



@SarcasticTvHead is the first!

(by the way, could the shirt do without the TØP sign? The program I’m using won’t allow that…)


Ok that’s fine
You could just do |-/ instead or something

But if not ok


Also my hair is to my shoulders


Okay, I’m working on it right now.

I’ll tag you with the link when I’m done


Ok thank you!!!


You’re welcome!



Wait, is all your clothing black?

Or are the jeans just jean color?


You can use < and put something here > to hack to 20 character system


Jean color


Oh, thank you!


Okay, good.


It has to be letters




One spot left!

Anyone else want to request?


Eye color: teal
Hair color: Brown and fluffy
Expression: mischievous
Freckles?: yeah no
Skin color: light peach
Kind of clothes (specify if you want a jacket or some kind of covering): Black shirt, black long pants, black boots and teal hoodie.

It’s technically my persona but she looks exactly like me. So…


Okay, you’ll be after STVH.

I’ll tag you with the link when I’m done.