Taking Photoshop Requests


I am taking Photoshop requests. You can use them as your profile picture (That's how this is related). This was inspired by @bluedogmc-official.

I will do a speed draw video type of thing and publish on YT. You can also request for anything.


Background color (or no background):
Name you would like me to use on YT (I.g. Paydent12' Profile Picture Request!):
What you want me to make:


Can you make one for me?
Background- turquoise
What I want you to make- a dog print with a goat and a dolphin inside it
Extras- my username in fancy letters


Where do you want the dog and the goat on the dog print?


Background color: Pale yellow. :D

Name you would like me to use on: Positivity Logo! :D

What you want me to make: A collage of smiley faces. :D

Extras: That's it! :D

Thank you so much! :smiley:


can I have one with a really cool skull , blue and dark backround
and words in red, ULTIMATE_CODER
and words "DUBSTEP" on both sides going like
and its color will be red
@Paydent12 its a lot to ask but pls! I really want it


I want the dolphin and goat in the middle please


Please make a tic tac on something.

Background - outside

Name on yt - well I dont know, so wutever you want.

Extras - none