Taking Pen Requests!(Closed, but I will make a template)



Hello! I am taking pen requests on hopscotch! The format is like this-

If you would like, I can try to create a different kind of pen or pencil.

Color of grip:
Eraser color:
Background Color:
Title of pen (Ex. Holly #Aarmau's Pen or The Purple Pen)
Lead Holder color:

If it has hsb, give me the hsb.
To Do List!
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Username: GalaxyPanda!
Colour of grip: Dark Blue
Eraser colour: dark purple
Lead Colour: Light Blue


By lead color, do you mean lead as in the part circled in blue or the part pointed to in red?

Drawing on paper compared to

Yes!....Do what you think.


I mean the part pointed to in red.. How do I re phrase this on the form? :grimacing:


The part you put the lead in?


Umm I guess?


It's called a barrel I think. Not like the thing made outta wood. Where you put lead in.


Hmm... People might not understand unless they look down..


Color of grip: light blue
Eraser color: aqua
Stick thingy that holds the lead color: mint


Color of grip: yellow
Eraser color: yellow
Stick color: blue
End thingy: yellow


Color of grip: dark pink
Eraser color: white
Background Color: light grey
Title of pen (Ex. Holly #Aarmau's Pen or The Purple Pen): Da Best Pen Evar
Lead Holder color: light pink


Sorry for the late reply, I was at a party...


Is this good?


Color of grip: Black
Eraser color: Orange
Background Color: White
Title of pen The Stickman pen
Lead Holder color: Gray


Is this okay?


I am done!
The link:


Mhm! I am finished!
The Link:


I just have LightningStrike's Pen left. You are next!


I'm going to work on something that I need to do now, I probably won't be able to be on until tomorrow...