Taking Model/Music Requests



Today I was cleaning out my drafts, and I realized..
I'm not actually working on anything currently!

So.. I decided to take model and music requests.

An example of one of my models would be this:

And an example of one of my songs would be:

So, if you would like me to make a song or a model, just reply below! And I will also add progress reports so you guys know when to expect them. :slightly_smiling:


Can You Make A Model For Me?


Can you describe what you want your model to look like?


Can you make one for me
I have long brown curly hair with blonde highlights. Also have hazel eyes


i have long brown hair thats always over one shoulder blewish greenish eyes and i wear earbuds constantly and can i be wearing a black longsleve thats down to my elbows with the number 78


HI! I'm making a drawing pad and would love music. You can make whatever type of music as long as it's upbeat and smooth. You will be in the credits of my pad. Can you put the music on this music here please! Thanks so much


Okay... I Have Brown Hair, White Skin, And Green Eyes.


Can I have a model?
Dark golden hair
Black coat
Cammo green shoulder bag
Brown eyes


I would like a model. Black hair ( HSB(0,0,0) ), brown eyes, peach skin, girl, long hair, rainbow-colored dress, include the dark pink at the end. Do you want a drawing request? It's kind of hard to get a request at first. I haven't gotten one yet.


And we would also like some music on our TRICERA--PAD. Here's the link:

We would like prehistoric music, including the lion roar sound effect popping in occasionally. Make a request if you want to! We promise we will give you credit!


Okay, here's my schedule so far:

@MYD and @SnowGirl_Studios your models will be done today!

@bluedogmc-official, I will do yours by Sunday.

@Pokemon101 What gender?

@AHappyCoder your request will be done by tomorrow.

@tankt2016 your model will be done tomorrow, and your music will be done by Sunday or Monday. I don't really need drawing requests at this moment, as I'm already behind on them. :sweat_smile: You can draw me, though! I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, and purple glasses.

To everyone: Models take less time to make than music, so that might explain your place in the schedule. If you have questions, please ask!




Okay, I will draw you today! But I really need to see the description. Can you please remix my TRICERA--PAD with your description in the request form?


ok! cant wait, and take your time. if you need more time its fine!


Sorry guys.. Due to procrastination I haven't got stuff done...
So here's the deal. I am gonna force myself to get myself on track, so if your request was not supposed to be done today, then your schedule stays the same. If I was supposed to get yours done today, I'm super duper ΓΌber sorry, please forgive me! I'll will do yours first thing tomorrow!

@MYD @SnowGirl_Studios @bluedogmc-official @Pokemon101 @tankt2016@AHappyCoder


@MYD, your request is done!

(Tap the picture to go to the project.)


@SnowGirl_Studios your request is done!

I apparently reply too much to this topic.. XD
Tapping the picture will take you to the project!


I love it, thank you so much!!


tysm!!! i love it!


How's my music coming along? Take your time. I'm sure it will be great!