Taking logo requests!



Taking logo requests! I'm kinda bored and I that many others are doing this. I also know that people who did this got a ton of requests so before this becomes more of a job than a source of entertainment, I'm just going to say I will only accept 5 requests at a time. I will announce when I'm done or if I need to close. Bye! ~Tappy:wink::point_up_2:🏻мℓρ


Free to use


With code on HS, right?


Yeah, I guess. 202020


Could you do a Wikipedia logo?


Sure, draw or code? 20202




Can you do a bear for me it can be code!


To all,
Sure I'll do it, I'm bad at pixel art so it'll be a leave trail/text art...
(Sorry to disappoint you :disappointed_relieved:)


The angry face is kinda scaring me now...


I wanted text art anyways but whatever is fine!


Sorry! D:
Want me to change it to something else?


It's fine, also, I'm working on your logo. Here's a WIP.

I know it's not the best but I'm trying to 'modify' it so Copyright won't bother me...


Sorry for taking so long! I got a 4 hour exam this weekend and my dad has to go to the airport...


Oh it's fine it happens!


It's done! >‿<


@Huggingfluffybear find it on hopscotch, customise it in anyway you want!


@GysvANDRegulus #


Alright I will look!


You're one of the only 3 people! :D
Can you edit your post so it doesn't say what I told you to write?
Because this is a social experiment...