Taking Java classes at school!


So recently about a week ago our class and one other class took a Java class! If you didn't know Java is a awesome coding language so awesome it made things such as Minecraft! I'm excited as I we get tested for who our teacher thinks who tried the hardest and did something they really like. I just want to say thanks to hopscotch as it's the only thing that first made me think coding languages are very cool and such. I hope I win!


That's super cool! I hope you win too! I wish they had that opportunity at my school. Sadly, when I mention Hopscotch, they are like what's that?? My friend was like, it's like Instagram but the nerd version. :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:


I know that nobody knows about hopscotch here because it's an English app and I live in turkey sooo

If I told my classmates:

I be like 'check out hopscotch itz kewl'
They be like 'um i kno how to play hopscotch'
I be like 'no the app'
They be like 'useless when u can go outside'
I be like 'it's about something else'
They be like 'wats it about'
I be like 'its an English game'
They be like 'can it be in turkish'
I be like '¯\_(ツ)_/¯'
They be like 'k'

They try it

They be like 'I don't understand dis'

...And they uninstall it



Cool :snowflake: :D
Nobody knows HS in my town D:


I think nobody knows about HS in my school.... D=