Taking Gif Requests! Get a request now!



I am taking gif requests. (Gifs are moving photos)Most of them will be hand drawn if you do not include photos. Expect an hour- one day for me to make your request. If you want one, here is the form.
Basic idea: (What happens in the gif)
Photos: (optional)
If you don't have any photos, what style should I draw in?
Smooth or not very smooth:
Thank you to everyone who gives me a request!


Example gif:


Can you do a winter scene with snowflakes falling? That would be really cool! If you could make it a rectangle, that would work best, but any size is good. Thank you so much -- just tell me if you can't do it. You can draw in whatever style you want, something sketchy would or doodley would be nice. I would like it to be smooth as well.


I would like a Fire that is burning, thank you. Sorry for asking :slight_smile:


Here you go @WynterDiamond
(I am bad at smooth)


Here you go at @SkyFrost Take your pick.


Thank you :yum:


Your welcome