Taking Flag and Logo requests



Want a logo or flag for your hopscotch account? Come to me! Tell me, and I will ask a few questions. Once it's done, I will put up a link to it.


I want a flag


@Nas-Studio ok. Answer these questions.

What is you account called?
What emoji or character stands for your account?
What are two or three colors that stand for your account?
What is your motto/subtitle? (It needs to have an ending statement/word that is the most important part)


Blue Red Yellow
Not Famous But GOOD


Ok, @Nas-Studio. I will get straight to it!


Thanks @Hoppertoscotch


@Nas-Studio it's DONE!!! Link is here! I hope you like it!


So much!


@Nas-Studio you are very welcome! Does anyone else want a Flag or Logo? Also, @Nas-Studio do you want me to make you a Logo? I already have the information I need!


No i don't need a logo because i made one myself but the flag you made for me was AWESOME SO MUCH THANKS


@Nas-Studio Awwww, thanks. You are so welcome. It's what I do!



Can I have a Flag!
Nobody ever made mine


@HopedHoper please fill out the form (You can find it above)

@TheRealBlah Do you want a logo or flag? (Flag takes up whole screen, logo is just like one small thing that takes up like half the screen)


Flag(Not in the I will flag this context)


I'm called Hoped Hoper 63
My emojis are :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My colours are gold(Hue 50 Saturation 100 brightness 100),Orange and dark yellow
Motto: I'm coding CRAZY


@HopedHoper please only one emoji...
@TheRealBlah I will get started right away!


Ok just :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is my logo done yet?


Is my flag done yet?