-- Taking Drawing Requests! --



Hello everyone! I’m taking drawing requests!

Here are the things that I will draw

Emojis as Humans
Kawaii Objects

If you have any requests other than those, please ask and I will tell you if I’m downwright horrible at them or not :stuck_out_tongue:
Check in one week (or less, but one week is probably the maximum) to see if your art is done. If you find that I haven’t been paying attention to my requests, please remix one of my projects to tell me! I can forget!
My username on Hopscotch is WynterDiamond

What was your first post on forum?

Can you draw me a Kawaii strawberry? :strawberry:


Sure! It will be on my profile!


Here's the link, although I've never linked art through the the forum before so I don't know if it will work or not. :wink:


I love it, and next time when you show art screen shot it and upload because you just see the drawing pad not the art in links :wink:


Ok, thanks, I'll do that next time!


Thank you for doing my request :smiley: it's awesome!


:blush: your welcome.


I’d like a drawing request xD

Can you draw a person?


Yes sure XDDDD
Could you give me skin color, hair color, eye color, preferred color and style of clothing, as well as hair style? Thank you!
It won’t be that great XD


I’m sure it’ll be great xD


Okay, I’ll try my best :slight_smile:
She reminds me of Annabeth.


That’s because she is Annabeth. XD


Oh gosh. I actually did that XD
Yeah, that’s what I meant. XPPP