Taking drawing request


Hello I'm making drawing request, If they aren't anime I'll try the best I can!


can u draw a cute little panda


I'll try I'll do it ASAP


How do u picture in iphone and post it on hopscotch


Wait, so you are posting it on the forum or on hopscotch, the app.


Hopscotch forum ofc!:ok_woman:


You take a screen shot of the picture and then tap the 7th button from the left then choose choose files, then select photo! Wait for upload, then complete!


I can't on phone I'll do it asap


Oh its okay, just @ me when you have it done, @Deadfr!


I have the drawing done but can't upload it!


Why not? Just send the photo to your ipad and then post it when u have your ipad!


I have my ipad in a couple like 10 hours cuz my sis


oh, yeah, ill check for when the picture is there!


@VanillaBlossom I have it ready!

Sry it's bad... I tried!


I love it. Pandas are life for me but i dont show it.