Taking dragon requests!


This is DragonOfDarkness.
I will take dragon requests on here and will do them on paper.
All I need is element, colors, wings yes/no, eye color, and special features.
Please give me some.

BTW, I have quit the app hopscotch.



but is this HS related?


In a sense, yes.
@DragonQueen3 is doing the same.


Sorry, this doesn't seem Hopscotch related! Do you think you could make it related?


deep breath

Ok. I took dragon requests on hopscotch. I'm quitting hopscotch, but I am still taking requests. I will do the requests on paper and/or a hooscotch project in my drafts. This is how it's hooscotch related.

Please understand.





If you quit hopscotch, why are you taking requests on the forum? This is the hopscotch forum.