Taking Background Requests!



Hey, guys!

I'm taking background requests!

Background requests are emoji backgrounds that people are free to remix.
Example: Beach Background

If you want a background, post this form and fill it out:
Which Background Emoji:
Hopscotch Username:


Backgrounds Done:
DancingLollipop's Background
Lilac Blossoms's Background
AwesomeWolf18CF's Background
Follow 4 Likes Official's Background
RobotPro's Background


Your link is not working :wink:


It works on mine did you click it?


It didn't work let me try again (it took me top a screen saying "whoops! This draft is unavailable)


It worked this time!


Let's get on topic! Do you want a background @DancingLollipop?


I would like one! My hopscotch username is Lilac Blossoms and I would like the :cherry_blossom: Emoji. Thanks!


Sure! :lollipop: That emoji and my user is Dancing Lollipop


DancingLollipop's Background


Thanks so much I love it!!


Lilac Blossoms's Background


Would anybody else like a background?


Tags (but other people can join)


Please stop tagging me!!!!!!


You can mute the topic


yeah this huge tagging thing is getting annoying


Am I aspoosed to mute all topics? Cause everyone's doing it!




Omg I got into featured! Thanks guys!


Yeah but that's not what I mean people are tagging me in multiple topics all over the place