Taking background requests now!


Taking requests at any time! Just tell me what you want and I can hopefully make for you! Also if you want me to change anything you can just tell me and I will get it done for you.
Any Requests?


What kind of backgrounds specifically?


Cool! Can I have a pink one with colorful dots? :D


Awesome! May I please have a hot pink one with turquoise, white, yellow, and purple dots? Tysm!


Any, it doesn't really matter.


Here you go!

If you want me to change anything then just ask!


Here you go!

I can change anything you want!


Tysm, it's great!! :D all I would change a TINY BIT is the size of the dots. Kinda big. U don't have to, tho! And(I know this is vague) maybe snazzy up the pain hot pink on da background. :)


Ok I changed it, is this good?


Do one with bts and pink stuff


Wow, that is amazing!!!! Thank you!!!
I love your other backgrounds too, can I use some in some of my next projects? I promise I'll give credit to you! :D


love to see the honeycomb pattern


I just checked out your backgrounds and they're awesome!!

Edit: wow the fast loading background code is pretty cool!


That's literally perfect!! Ur the best!


Yeah sure!


Okay, thanks!!!!!!!!


I also played around with it