Taking Art Requests!


I'm taking art requests! If you want a request, fill out the form below and I'll try and do it!

Request sheet:

Hair color:
Eye color:

(Please be descriptive)



Gender/species: female
Hair colour: red (like Merida)
Hairstyle: Long and down and messy
Eye colour: green
Clothing: black catniss suit
Accessories: bow and arrow
Extras: elf ears


Thx I'll try and get it done!


Your welcome! I felt bad for you cuz the topic had no replies XD


Gender/species: Feamale
Hair color: Brown
Hairstyle: Ponytail
Eye color: Greeny Blue
Clothing: Softball Gear
Accessories: Softball Bat
Extras: Can The Shirt Say "HBC Softball" on it please


Can I plz joins guys?


You don't "join". You request something!