Taking a short break maybe long


I am just offended and I am not mad at a certain person but bye I am taking a break before I start I don’t know I am allready offended by what kiwi said it really came a cross like I don’t know mean so bye good day!


It wasn't mean, it was the truth. I was typing a reason why it is, but I suppose I don't need to.

I'm sorry if I appeared rude, but please, think before you post to prevent flame wars.

We all need to take a break and breathe. Goodbye for however long.


It was not you I am mostly mad at everyone else who said something negative in the convo...


I'm not even LGBT and I found your topic deeply disturbing. What would an LGBT person say?

Edit: Oh wait... You left... I suppose you can't see this.


I don't know I am not LGBT but first of all this is my opinion please don't get mad

You sounded like my parent there telling me to "grow up" and the "whimpers"

It makes me sad and mad!


I will look for tonight I guess...


Because on the forum, I am your parent. I'm am the loving mother who wants the best for all of her children.


Just don't this is just getting me mad!

Please I am allready mad enough that you want me to "grow up"


And if anyone was the parent it would be liza.


She isn't even that active... A non active parent?

Grow up means "Think like an adult." Not, "Become 50 years old now!"

@Ihasfluffycupcakes I'm not even older than you. I'm saying that because of my position and how I feel.


Hugginfluffybear could have phrased things better, but if you get through the wording, and look at what he's saying, you'll see what we mean. Please do.


Off topic, but do you feel weird being a moderator and "controlling" the internet since you're only 12 years ld? Well, thatswhat you said in your bio.


It's okay it's just I am mad that you are sweet hearing talking me and like acting like yore the boss it's not nice it would kinda me like you be a 9 year old being get called like grow up how would you feel?


I agree with it, though. You were "yelling" with caps about how things aren't fair. We need to go about things on the forum calmly or else everything will be disastrous.


Okay gangs are coming along bye!


Stop it! We all make mistakes. And when you see the mistakes huggingfluffybear made, you jump on those and ignore what he's really saying.


@Kiwicute2016 is kind of the boss. She is a moderator, and can basically do anything she want on this forum.


Yep I am out :v:🏻


Where did I sweet talk?

I'm here to do my job...



Yes but she will never be able to sweet talk me...