Taking a break? Maybe?


Umm yes. Maybe. I don’t know. Uh yea I’m gonna be taking a break. Mostly because I don’t have anything to code. Um yes the progress of other games and their updates are going to continue… at some point. I’m just very innactive on Hopscotch. Yes this might be a pointless topic. Um yea, slightly active on the forum. If you have any questions about anything regarding my future plans, future updates, or my games just ask here. Um yea bai. Also if anyone has suggestions for World Simulator, please let me know here. @omtl


So ur only leaving HS?


Not leaving, taking a break so I can get ideas for what I should do next


Mkay cool


thank goodness

your projects are the bomb, especially since it’s iPhone coding.


Take it a break is probably a smart idea.


Yeah, if you are fresh out of ideas, breaks are good. I don’t need a break yet because I have millions of project ideas just waiting to bust out!


Don’t worry guys, big plans for the future


Yea every project I’ve made was made on an iPhone. Even projects I’ve made in landscape


Definitely amazing.

My phone can’t do landscape on the editor.

i WoNdEr WhY



I have an iPad, I make a blank draft and save it to my profile. Then I code on my phone with that draft


Oh, cool.

My iPad broke down a year ago.

Though I suppose I could use the library’s…


Lol yea, I don’t code on my iPad. You’d think the iPad can handle more than an iPhone… nope, big projects that I make, my iPad can’t handle them very well



It would either crash, delete, or not even open Hopscotch.

ack ack


I wish they added a feature where you could chose which orientation you want instead of it choosing the orientation based on how the app is oriented



I believe they did that for the iPad when they were rolling out the new editor layout.

were you there for that


Yes I was there for that, the old editor looks so ollllldddd


but so goooooddd


Works better at that…



But the new editor would be more practical for the iPhone, if you think about it.

I just wish they could tone down the colors a bit