Taking a Break from the Forum



Hi there guys.

I am bringing bad news...

I am quitting the forum.

But it's not permently.

I just need a break like one week or a month away from the forum.

As you see one day a ago was my last post I just the forum causes me to be tired becusse I stay up way to late on it and I just need to stop.

Therefore, you may not see me for a while I will anwser any questions you guys have before I go.



See you soon I hope!



I will miss you.



See ya!


Hello I am a quoted.


Ditto :slight_frown:


Bye!!! I hope you come back soon!


That scared me lol

Goodbye! Have a nice break from the forum


I'll miss you so much!!!


IT probaly will be good for me.




Ok, bye!
the title first scared me a little




I get why you're leaving. The forum is addicting, eh? Anyways, take a good break :slight_smile:


And no offense but It just gotten to much like social media.


I agree
Don't worry
It's just criticism


See you soon!
Have a great break.


Okey, see ya soon fren! :D


Noooooooo I hate to see you leave fren.
ps you are still more MLG than pink sheep


Just try to stop.
I really want you to stay!
Remember the Ubuntu class? I can't do that without you.