Taking a break from Hopscotch


I am getting a bit over obsessed with Hopscotch and I am kind of staring at my iPad screen 24/7.....
Maybe I should just take the summer off of Hopscotch.
What do you guys think?


it is your opinion...I am YSA Creations (I gave. You a shoutout on HS)


Oh hi YSA creation!
Did you see the shoutout I gave you?




You should have days when you do go on and days when you don't
Hope this wuz helpful! Prob not but thats fine!


I suggest taking a small break if it's too much of a problem. Maybe a week off? All summer is too long to be off of HS. :)


You're probably right.
Thanks, @IShallNotBeNamed


I guess I wasnt helpful! Oh well bye! :blush::paintbrush:


You were helpful too, @ArtsyCoder!


O K thanks going on HS! :hugging:


Don't stop altogether! Just reduce it slowly… otherwise it may not work :wink:


Thanks, @KVJ!
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Or must it?


It's all your opinion. It's kind of you and your parents/guardians desicion my parents don't really like me on my screen all day so I usually take breaks every once in a while and workout or play with my brother. So if you want to then you should but if you don't then don't


or 2. it's @smartypants's decision so let him/her decide how long of a break they should have off of hs.


By the way, I'm a her :wink:


by the way *it's her

i said him/her


Maybe you should take a break from Hopscotch. :D


I know, I'm just saying, @HappyDolphin


If you like doing Hopscotch but feel you're on it too much, try doing it in moderation. Maybe set a timer for yourself and only play for an hour a day, or maybe only play on weekends.
If you feel that's not enough and you're still glued to your screen, it's your decision whether to quit or not.