Taking a 24 hour break


Soooo..... I'm not quitting HsF or HS.
I'm just taking a break for these reasons:

  • I'm very nearsighted and HS could hurt my eyes a lot
  • I have a nonstop addiction to HS which is almost taking me over to not do homework
  • All my friends keep saying I'm a big nerd and geek who should get a life
  • Don't worry about that... I'm very sure I'm good at pranks.

  • If I take a break the addiction will stop and my eyesight would get better.
  • I'll be peaking at replying but not creating any topics.

So you know the reason and I'll take about a 24 hour break.
My friends will get the payment :PP so don't worry
I will like and reply sometime and I will act if I'm in a Collab of some sort.
I might publish if it's a Collab.
Good bye



me 2, I am also farsighted


Take dis one:


Don't let friends bring you down, do what you want, coding is cool and awesome.


That's more important, after 45 or however so minutes take a 10 break on HS
Sorry about your sight, also turning your screen brightness low could help!


Do your honemework?!
What's honemework?!

Typo. It's homework.

Lucky homeschoolers don't get homework!


Woops! Thanks for catching it @tankt2016
I'll edit :D

Homeschoolers don't get homework because all the work is homework because they do it at home! I want to be homeschooled!


Yeah homeschooling is a lot of fun! So sorry about the 24 hour break!