Taking a 2 hour break

So, recently I got a flag because someone thought something I said was rude (I didn't know they would think that) then I got another flag because it was advertising BerryFOX for like president (didn't know advertising was bad, either), so I'm scared I'm gonna get suspended now so I'm gonna take a 2 hour break. Don't worry I'll recycle this when I come back. I'm sorry about the advertisement and please don't flag this. Ciya later! :wave:🏻


Dude you're not gonna get suspended
And seriously two hours?


Excuse you, watch your mouth.

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Now I really am scared because the I edited the ad to say sorry cause I didn't know what to do and it got flagged again and the message says if the same post is flagged twice it may lead to further action including possible suspension!

Calm down! Calm down, rexy! You will not get suspended. Just tell Liza that you only said sorry, and nothing harmful!

I was really scared when I got my first flag.
Its alright, those aren't offical flags, their just warnings!

Well you see I left the ad in and just wrote sorry cause I didn't know what to do.....

Even I ! But Liza said that it was just a warning. So it's ok!

Just caaalllm dooowwwnnn it'll all be ok. Ok rexy?

takes deep breath ok..... I'm just sorta freaked out because all my first flags came so close to eachother....

Ok. Are you all ok Rex?

You're posting WAY to much, try and keep posting once every 5 minutes.
Its just easier to get flags when you're posting too much.

Well I guess but I get bored often

@Houseelf87 yeah I'm fine

You can always call me elfy!

Ok..... I'm just a little worried cause this is the first second flag on a post I got and it says it could lead to possible suspension, elfy. Think I'm just gonna call you elf cause elfy keeps autocorrecting

Ok, see you after the break if you arenΒ΄t back already...

That was two days ago, I've been back for a while

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WHAT?! This is OUTRAGEOUS, that is not advertising! Advertising is something different, also on that topic your post SHOULD be allowed! It's not an add! You're EPIC! DONT FLAG PLEASE!

Lol, overreaction. I'm crazy.