Taking 3 requests for pixels

So does anyone want a pixel art request I will do only 3!
You just need to reply with your name request and what type of pixel you want!
Btw (by the way) does anyone wanna do a pixel art collab?


I can collab if you'd like. And can you do a pixel art rainbow?? @Dolphin_coders

Hi, can you please do a dog? With the roundish square pixels? You can choose which type of dog. Thanks so much​:slight_smile:

Make a dirpy face

Ok thanks!
I will maybe do a pug! Or any dog XD!
Btw I looked at your account on forum and noticed your Australian I am to!
I will add your name when I'm done the pixel art!

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Someone else wants to collab as well @laser_eyed_puppy
Anyways I was thinking of Laser kit Kat coders.
I create the collab soon!


Hi @MelodiousParrot here is WIP!
I am adding a swing,ball and bg


do ash Ketchum aka mr cringe

Ok I will do that after I finish the dog