Tait Collab please join



I ask if u can join?

Hi fellow person who took 2 mins to read this :sweat_smile: I want to do a 3 person collab
Where we make games that are simply boutique and unique
If u want to join u must have the regular badge or high, have been on hopscotch for at lest a year, have been on trending at least 5 times and / or been on featured at least one time (optional)
I need a beta tester and a person to help me make the games
If u want to be a beta tester u need to be a hopscotch beta tester for at least 2 weeks or my friend or a hopscotcher that I know well
If u join and help me we could get on featured!

Tags (if you're here u can join no matter what)



Also once u join I will tell u the password


I don't meet these requirements and I am too busy anyways.

Sorry! : (


ok I mean U can join if u want because ur a regular...
No matter what