Tags for Different Trust Levels


Hey there I saw this cool trick from @Fun_in_the_Sun but I thought "why not share it?!"

The trick is that you can tag different trust levels such as..






I happen to think its pretty cool! Right now I just tagged the whole forum though... But I still think its cool!

Bye, from the fluffy bear


Didn't get a notification, but amazing trick!


Oh you didn't well it's still cool!


They actually don't tag everyone in that trust level. I don't know what there purpose is :thinking:. This is still really cool! Great trick!


You missed @trust_level_1! The members!


Yeah good job @Fun_in_the_Sun also you could see what posts there are in the trust level though!


Oh yah! Cool trick!


No I did not what are talking about...



It didn't work, but it would be cool if it did!


It doesn't work.
Also their was a discussion about this. @DancingLollipop I think figured it out. :slight_smile:


Yup! Here's the link:


Oops so sorry!

Can we still keep this one?


Ask a leader if it's ok! @PopTart0219 @Anonymous @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016


Edited the title because you were the first forum member to figure it out!
Discourse figured it out first :slight_smile:


The trust level tags don't work. It's just for convience of grouping. Remember when you do @moderators it doesn't send a notification to us so it's better to mention us individually.