Tagging in Biographies Qwestion!


Hey guys! It's @braybraylovesmonkeys here, and I (as stated above) have a tagging kwestion. If someone tags you, or you tag them, within a bio, do they or you still get the tag? Bc I tagged a lot of ppl in my old bio, but idk if they ever got it :( Or if someone tagged me in their bio, but I never got it! DD:
Edit: I gtg. CAn someone post the OMTL?


No, you do not get a notification when some one quotes you or tags you in their bio. NindroidGames and Kay Kat had tagged me in their bios, but I never got a notification. Rawrbear quoted me and again, no notification.


Thank you! I'll recycle...


I think this is a great question actually haha, you could even leave it for other people in case they happen to be wondering the same thing– I know that I was :blush: I have an idea, you could add a bit more info to the heading like 'tagging in forum bios' or something for people looking in the future :thinking:


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@Milkypup lol


No, like @sophia71205 said, you don't get a notification when someone tags you in their bio.
I can delete this post if you want to recycle, just tell me. :slight_smile:


No, read @t1_hopscotch's post and you'll see that this can help other ppl! Thx for the help, tho!


No need to do the OTML. the question has already been answered.


She asked for someone to put it on. This was after I answered the question I think.


I don't think so, unfortunately.


No, I kinda wish it did.


I admit, I did ask her to do the OMTL. Not her fault, I wasn't getting any answers.


It would be awesome!


I think that it doesn't work if you tag them in your bio.