Tagging and replying


Hi, I’m new to both the hopscotch forum and app. Can someone please tell me when it’s appropriate to tag a person versus reply to them. Does replying to a post tag them anyway? And, please, could someone suggest an easy starter code project? Thanks!!


Appropriate times are when you are on another topic and you want them to come.
So you @ them.

And replying doesn’t tag, it gives the person a notification that you replied to them.


Hi, welcome to Hopscotch! Both replying and tagging gives the user a notification. Replying is generally used when answering to a question, and tagging is used when referring to a user or if you want to give them a notification so that they see your post.

I would recommend coding a simple game, or watching one of the video tutorials (which you access when making a new project).


@CreationsOfaNoob and @Doughnut_The_Hole both beat me to answer your questions, but I agree with them! When you tap the “Create” button on Hopscotch, choose “Build a game” to explore some great tutorials to get started with!


Welcome to the forum and the app! I hope you like it here.


Welcome to the forum! Let me know if you have more questions!

Also, the question you asked was already answered, but I just wanted to add that the question you asked is a really good one! I have never seen anyone ask that one before!!


I agree! It is an awesome example of a good question to ask about the forum that can start some interesting discussions.