Tag Your Fav Hopscotcher Then Tell Why You Like Them!


I want to tag @SmileyAlyssa,@MagmaPOP,@FoodDelivery and @SmilingSnowflakes for being awesome hops! There projects are so amazing! Tag your favorite right this minute!!


Thank you so much! You're awesome! ;u;


I have lots of favorites, but I'd like to acknowledge @TheDrawer!

She's good at multiple things, including drawing, coding, and helping others with a kind but reinforceful attitude.


I have so many!!!
Here are some

@StarryDream @WinningMonkey @Paige1212 @Snoopy @CodePerfect @TheBloomingGarden @Zachyswag

And more!!

You guys are so awesome! You been so nice (^ ^)


Thank you suuu much!


Your welcome!

It's totally true lol


I have @CatWithABrush @Dylan329 @Intellection74 they are amazing friends and I love to code with them I talk to them the most because they are just Amazing...


Aw thank you @BaconStudios :blush:


Awesome topic! I can't make a list, it would be looooong

However, sadly this is already a topic like this..


You probably must have made a mistake XD but I really do appreciate it, thank you, thank you so very much.


Nah, I've made no mistakes here XD


These Hopscotchers are very kind and awesome

They are all talented at hs and very kind on the forum.


Translation: thanks



I never thought I'd ever be included; thank you! :D




K sorry bai


Thanks sooooooo much!!!!


That moment when someone say what they don't meanXD


But I do mean it!


Thank you very much :D


= my fav is everyone including potatoes unicorns and all stuff but especially @creationsofanoob @valgo (thx 4 following me in scratch) @SmilingSnowflakes @GysvANDRegulus @KVJ @Maltese @Baconstudios @AmiiboTrash @AwesomeJediE @AHappyCoder @AmiiboTrash