Tag notification problem! Please help!



I don't get tag notifications! I'm on the mass tag list, but I don't get notifications when I'm tagged!? Anyone? Ideas? Help?


I don't know... You should email THT!


It may because of how the forum is very laggy, it happens to a lot, don't worry, it's just the lag :wink:


I agree with @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf. Maybe just check out your recent things you chatted in just in case :wink:


Thats funny. I suggest emailing THT. Also, I would double check to make sure you were on there! Sometimes when two people are editing at the same time part of it gets lost!


I know I'm definetly on there, every time I look at it and people use it my username is there. Thanks for the tip!


Try tagging yourself and see if that works if it doesn't then if you have an iOS device double tap the home button and swipe up the app. If you are using something else try turning it on and then off again. If that doesn't work then email THT. Hope this helped!:wink:


Thanks so much! @bluedogmc-official


Your welcome!2020202