Tag list for the Drawing Topics!


Hey everyone! So recently I’ve had this great idea, since it may be useful for all peeps who participate in the drawing topic!

:trumpet: Presenting the AMTL! :trumpet:

AMTL = Art Mass Tag List

I was thinking this could be a good idea since everyone on the drawing topic won’t need to create a tag list for themselves and don’t have to keep typing their lists over and over again!


  • Only use it on the Drawing Topics! Exclusives are only when you post art out of the drawing topics and only art!

  • Don’t use it for other silly purposes unless you want to showcase something really creative!

  • If you already have an art tag list, it’s up to you whether to join or not!

And that’s it! I think it will be a really great idea to implement this!

Good or bad idea?

  • Yeah! Awesome idea!
  • No! Terrible idea!

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What do y’all think? @OMTL

ARMTL Idea? (Art Related Mass Tag List)

Most of the people who are active in the Drawing Topic have the topic on Watching, so they’d see every post whether they were tagged or not. It’s the reason I don’t join tag lists…but if you really want to be spam-tagged, I’m in no position to stop you. :)



This is already a thing, in case you hadn’t noticed

It’s a bit dated, but the same thing?

try using the dmtl



I’ve seen topics on this before, but most people said that there was already one. But, I think this is a good idea.


I think this is a good idea. I know drawing topics are really popular, and so many drawers are active. I think creating an art mass tag list would be more effective! Great thinking, and I am with you on this!


There are many more things to worry about that a slightly duplicate topic

I approve of this :+1:


I like the idea, I just don’t see it working because people are already scrolling through it, and people use personal tag lists, because maybe people don’t want to get tagged for everything, only for the people they want to see art from. It works for things like the POMTL because there isn’t a specific topic for projects…unlike the Art community here


This is a good idea. Some people have an art tag list and ISBN, for example, uses her tag list mostly for art. But for those who doesn’t have an art tag list, this is a really good idea!