Tag bag ? THT help


Guys look what I can do

Why can I do this it's only with @Dude73

@THT help
@Liza@Rodrigo @thomas


@Disky is CC's backup account (I think)


Oh thanks but what about dudey




@Dudey I can do that too


Try to go to Dude73's general topic and ask



@Beepsuboo @Dudey @Malty

Hmm only Dudey works


I tried with these too
@Pingy @Malty @chakins @Ducks @dudey


On th Forum are @Dude73 and @Dude73_FAN
Any @Dudey


I don't know how it works, I never created an account like that. :joy:


I did try to make an account with the name, though. I couldn't confirm it, that might be why. XD


I liked this after a second! :smiley:


@Pix @Dudey @Malty
@Dudey= Illuminati confirmed


Oh! Maybe the account is created, but since I couldn't confirm it it isn't a real forum account yet! It might be confusing, but I think that is what it is.



@Disky is @Disky.


Ok, sorry. I will remember: @Disky is @Disky :stuck_out_tongue:


@dudey that is weird.


As I said: Illuminati confirmed


Guys, it's because the account isn't confirmed. XD


Not-quite-an-account confirmed :000