🎉 140th day on the forum! 🎉 / Art Contest!


Yey!!! :tada:
It's been 140 days since I joined the forum!!! And to celebrate, I will have an art contest! Draw one of my profile pics, it can be any of the profile pics I've had. There will be prizes!

If you win 1st you get a drawing request and I'll spam like you on the forum! (Which is about 40 likes!) XD

If you win 2nd you get a drawing request and 10 likes from me on the forum!

If you win 3rd you get 10 likes from me on the forum!


Tagging random frens
@maltese @JaggedJeans @Jess888 @AvocadoDont @StarryDream @TheDrawer


Congrats on your 140th day on the fourm :DDDD yayyyyy Ü


Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! ^^

I hope you have the best day ever :D



Will you draw one of my profile pics for the contest??? :D



I may be able to, I'm quite busy though. :000


For the @TheRainbowChicken


Here's one but it's definitely not the best


Can I enter an older drawing? :smile:


Is it of one of my profile pics? If so, then yes.


Oh! Ok, thanks! :D






I have visited fir 139 days…(●°u°●)​


I will enter :D
I will do the girl that's the 3rd or 2nd profile pic u had.



I drew the rainbow chicken one


Noice! Congrats! :D Ü (totally didnt steal that from TheDrawer)


Are we aloud to draw it on paper?


I done. This took me about 1 hour 30 min. It wasn't hard :D Instead of do the complicated rainbow line around it, I did 3 neon colors :0

LOLLOLOOL, also the person that drew this put the @theirname on the beanie so I did the same XD