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I am going to make a team. A team of coders and we will work together to get on featured. I will post a poll for the team name and who should be the leader of it. (I am not going to make myself leader. That would be selfish) reply and tell me if you want to join. Thnx in advance- TACOCODE




Hi @CatWithABrush



Sorry for replying late
Also, the coding team idea is epic :0
Can I join?
if it isn't too hard coding, like cosine


Yes you can join. Thank you for asking, kind person.



I saw that movie. That was my favorite of all of them. My favorite movie of the three scream movies was scream 3


:ok_hand::ok_hand:ok what's your HS name


Mine is BaconStudios feel free to look me up


K. Mine is TACOCODE!


Ok. Bue. I have to go to math. I will get in trouble on this in math. See ya tomorrow, possibly.

Ndy jabsicm


Man no replies in 14 days


Man no replays in 15 days


Man no replies in 3 minutes.