TACOCODE'S General Topic 2



This is TACOCODE here. I am hosting an art contest on hopscotch! Make the best art project you can and name it: "Taco Art Contest"

Give me the link and i will check it out ASAP! Contest ends: November 2, 2016.
I will announce the winner on: November 3, 2016.

Prize: a follow and a like on every single one of your projects and i will give you a shout out on the Weekly Taco Report.

Check out my channels:
Hopscotch--- TACOCODE
Youtube--- Nboss537


This sounds like a cool art contest! I'll defenitely enter if I have time =D
Just to let you know, you're not allowed to share YouTube or any other forms of social media on here. It's because THT wants to keep you safe, and they wouldn't be able to moderate any inappropriate/flamey conversations outside of the forum :3


@TACOCODE, does it have to be on hopscotch? Like, instead of pixel art, trail art, or art that I made on hopscotch, can I draw something on paper and take a photo?


So. Who cares if i put my youtube channel name. Wont do any harm.


Sure, iguess!?!?! Just glad someone entered


It's against the rules, and you might probably will get flagged :/ I wouldn't want that to happen to you, you seem like a really nice person ;-;


@TACOCODE, here is my entry.


Amazing! Truly amazing. Just tell me your hopscotch username


Thank you for saying that i seem like a really nice person. You are a nice waffle!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My hopscotch username is Kay Kat.


Ok kay kat kajsjnssjs


Without a period tho, @TACOCODE. Someone named themselves Kay Kat., but mine is just Kay Kat no period at the end.


Ok. Just followed you and liked a bunch of kool projects​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


By the way, I saw your remix of my swirly background thing. You can use it as a background for whatever you want, just please give credit.


I will give credit. Thx. Also, can you teach me how to make some of the stuff you do? I think it is awesome what you can do and i am not smart enough to teach myself.


Sure your smart enough! I'm a really bad teacher... What I would recommend if you want to learn how to do the things I do, I would go into the code and change a few things, and see how it works, and soon you'll be able to do it yourself!


Ok, thanks. Also, do you want to be my coding partner?


I would-you seem really nice and a pretty good coder. The only reason I would say no is that I don't like coding with anyone else. I get the advantages of it, but it always seems like the other person either does a ton of things without telling me, or they just don't do any work. I know your not like that, but my point is that working together is really not my thing, no matter how good my partner is. I prefer to do things on my own. So sorry, but no. But if you ever need help, feel free to tag me!


Hello TACOCODE! I think i know you... I follow you on Hopscotch.


Are you DylanBarret? On hopscotch?