@TACOCODE,@KawaiiOaktree, @PotatoLover3, @ValueGamesStudio, @Sweater, @Shamrockcat, general topic (And @NeoPixel too, because he part of the team, I guess...)



@KawaiiOaktree3, i want you to meet the rest of the team! Come on out guys!


Plz reply




Finally! Thankyou for coming! Can you get piper/ @PotatoLover3 here plz?


(right now she's talking to my dad. we might have Potato's for dinner.)


All da potatoes.
Candian potatoes.


Why would you eat her?! JK! Also, do you wanna join team TACOCODE, aka, official member?


Hey Nathan!


Yeah, sure.
(Potato told me the password.)


Btw, I probably can't be with Potato for long soon.
I have a Germany visit pretty soon.


Wait, wot?
Oh yeah I forgot.
What now?


Hey dude! Just got 2 choir! I have a concert in 3 days!


Wow I have a concert tommorow.


Same here!
well 2 days


Thats pretty cool!



Please add me to this


To team TACOCODE, or the general topic?


Taco code team 20 char


Ok! I cant let you on the account though because 3 people had it, me, @ValueGamesStudio, and @PotatoLover3. And it gliched like CRAZY! And it still is!


Yeah it's very glitchy every time I go into a draft it makes a buzzer noise


Do you want to know how to NOT do the 20 characters rule?