TACOCODE and PotatoLover3's general Topic


Hey @PotatoLover3
Have you seen "the extremely slow murderer with the inifficient weapon"?
It is on youtube and is hillarious


I have not. This is a General Topic?
You should change the first post to be that xD.


Ok. Sorry. I am in math right now so i will not be able to talk untill tomorrow most likely


I am trying to make Geomatry dash with working physics!
Also do you want me to teach you sins and cosines?


Should I change our name to Team TACOCODE?


i know I'm invading ur personal space with my warm breath XD


LOL okay hai friend aka random person invaiding our topic


No thank uoy. That is not nessecary. Also, sorry about my foul language.


It's ok I understand just make sure it doesn't happen to much