Tab Glitch! So frustrating!



Could anyone please explain this? It randomly happens. Somebody?

I cant get to the other tabs I might want to get to! Please help!


Kill Hopscotch, then look


it means your offline try restarting the app


kill hopscotch!?!?!?!


How did the how-tos pop up?


I got that once when my iPad didn't want to connect with the wi-fi. (I could open al the internet based games, but not safari, it was really weird.) but if you check your internet connection, and than restart hopscotch everything should be fine.


Is this an old update, or is it the beta?


I get it with bad internet too...


Maybe you could just swipe it out and try again! :wink:


That happens when I have Hopscotch open, then I go offline, then I go back online, and that happens. I just have to reopen hopscotch! But I still have had this problem. It's not a big one though.