Tab for new users, so they’re noticed more

(I’m pretty sure this should be in Meta Hopscotch. Meta Hopscotch is for non-block ideas.)

With the current channel system, and the fact that Newest is now…nonexistent (except for the Newest Curated channel but that isn’t newest projects), I think it’s harder for new users to be noticed.
So maybe there could be another tab (possibly placed between the Remixes Of My Project and Newest [curated] tabs), and it would depict either a list of new users who recently joined (with an interface like that of the Notifications tab, with some message like “NewUser101 recently joined. Check out their projects and welcome them to the community!”), or a bunch of projects made by new users who joined in, say, the past week.
And if the new user posted a bunch of projects, maybe only a max of 4 projects from one user could appear on the channel?

(I might design an interface pic for the notifications tab-style interface over the weekend.)


This is cool but it does be similar to the old newest. The problem with that and reason is was removed was cuz it was promoting RPs and chatting.
But I’d definitely like to see more new users get recognized. Maybe it could be something like that but have the curators manually add them instead of it being automated.


Yeah. New users are going unnoticed (and probably feeling empty!)


They just need curated updated a whole lot more and featured to be updated only when good projects appear. Otherwise, the system isn’t that bad


That´s a very valid point. As you know, THT and the curators are very busy, but I agree: it would be cool to have it updated more often!