@t1_hopscotch how'd you get iPad is swiped?


@t1_hopscotch I'm a huge fan! You're srsly the best! One question though, how did you get your rule to say "When [iPad] is Swiped" in your 2048 game? I can't see iPad as an option for the swiped whens!



I'm not really t1, but here you go! :sweat_smile:
Click add a new ability, and click more

Then scroll down, and there you go!


Hi Rawrbear! Thanks for responding!

So when you pick those Whens do you see iPad as an option to put in the bubble?

This is what I see:

Test, Anything and Edge of Screen, but not iPad. :confused:


Well, basically, you put the object you swipe:

Then you put a block in, and it will work!

Hope this helps! :smile:


Nice, very cool, that makes sense, thanks!

I guess my other question though is how did t1 specifically get "iPad" in that bubble (see below)


WOAH, I didn't notice that! How did you do it @t1_hopscotch?!


You pick When iPad is tapped then replace it with When is swiped


It doesn't work for me.. 🤔


This is an awesome trick she showed me. I can't use pics because I don't have my iPad, but

1) Drag out an ____ is tapped
2) Tap "iPad"
3) Drag the whole When off
4) Drag out an _____ is swiped (direction)
5) iPad should be there!


Woah, it actually works?! :scream:


@Rawrbear Yep! That's what I use in the Book of Hopscotchers (I'll try to add you in soon btw)


Thanks, I've been waiting a while for that :yum: (Sorry off topic, but did you see my description? You can just copy and paste that(although I know that you're not a dummy. :wink:))


@t1_hopscotch @CreativeCoder So I try to get the iPad block...

When I find that there IS no iPad block!!! :scream::scream::scream::laughing:

Also, everything that I blurred is NOT the iPad block.


That must be a glitch...


Hi @VisceralMind thanks so much :smile: good question and thanks to @Rawrbear, @AHappyCoder and @CreativeCoder for helping to answer.

I made a post on this on another discussion and here it is:


Thanks so much!! I ran out of likes, so here :heart: