:T well... That happened


Yup. Well, hopscotch costs money for extra features now. Lol.

Well... Don't go telling me that "they had to do it to manufacture hopscotch" because I know that.. I got really depressed when I saw, I even cried, the only things cheering me up is my mom and the fact that "well at least they added new features". I might not be on because. My mom said she would get me a subscription but I still feel weird. Well, bye.


Well, you can still use hopscotch for free. You don't have to subscribe.




Ok, bye. I honestly can't say anything else.



Why did you quote reply so many times? xD



Everyone start quoting the reply under u


Lol I'm not leaving forever. XD I feel somewhat better. I'l be on today. Bye!!