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My trip to Mexico so far…

Part 1

We started off with Lyft (because parking at the airport is 15 bucks per night.) we were going to the Airport. But OOPS our dad thought that our pick up place was on a different avenue, and it took 15 minutes for us to realize that he wasn’t there. We walked to him and told him the info and we went to Redmond (we thought we were going to miss the flight). We took to the skies…for 30 minutes. Then we landed in Portland. We had to stay the nite in Portland, then go to Las Angeles at 6 (even though we had to wake up at 3:45) we woke up at 3:45 to realize that there was like 3-5 inches of UNPLOWED SNOW!!! we called our lyft driver and she said that she would be 30 minutes LATE!!! We were all like “We’re gonna miss the flight!!!” She got here and drove AFAP (as fast as possible (without breaking the speed limit (even though you cant drive very fast on compacted snow (ice (this is a lot of parenthesis’))))). We got there and bolted (or however fast your mom can run at top speed) to security, made it through security fairly quickly, and ran to our gate which was pretty easy because it was right next to security sigh (drama drama). When we boarded there was this plane behind us that was stuck in the snow and we were delayed 1 hour because of it (Not that it mattered because I was watching “Crazy Rich Asians” with my dad, but then I asked how long we were going to have to wait in the LAX airport…then things spiraled downhill my mom was like OMG our connection we have to leave to the sky nowww! We soon left the airport and took to the sky (just as Rachel found out that Nick Young is rich) and 2 hours later we landed at started BOLTING for gate 86B, then we looked back and realized that A. Our plane had changed gates, and B. It was the same plane we were just on. We re-boarded the plane (after a quick bacon stop) and we’re off to the 4 hour flight bringing us to Ixtapa.

Part 2

Part 2: OK so then we went through to the long line to customs. The lady at the desk knew “mas pequino ingles” and we had to use the little Spanish we knew to survive customs and terms and declarations. We then took a cab to Zihatenajo (however it’s spelled) and settled down in our hotel (not for long…) then we quickly went on a walk to the BEACH!!! (I didn’t swim cuz it was like (IDK 6 o’clock (even tho the water was just fine (70 degrees or something like that (still lotz of parenthesis’))))), I ate some chicken tacos and met a CATTTTT, (so far my fav past of the trip) I fed Fred (the cat) some chicken and petted his adorable tummy!!! Then we had to go and we went to an ice cream shoppe, and I got vanilla (which wasn’t actually vanilla they misheard me for banana). Then we went back to the hotel. Sunday today was interesting…we started of at 10:30 (because we got like 0 sleep the night before) and we went to the nicer beach and paid a taxi 60 peso for the ride (he didn’t speak ingles, so I had to bring the book of spainish out) the beach was amazing!!! Good food, 60-70-80 degree water, a live Mexican band, and TAPAS (small inexpensive snacks (I got hummus and olives)). The waves were huuugggeeee, I got submerged like 7 times by them (partially my brothers fault, he was all like “NAH it’s not gonna hit us here.” But I got tumbled by the waves after he said that). We ate, drank and then got a taxi back to the hotel where I’m typing this as we speak!


Sounds good!!! Wish I was there!


Wow sounds like a crazy trip XD



I named him Fred. We fed him tuna (he’s tunamazing)


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Yessssss Fred and Rubbie are both tunamazing!


You forgot about Trixie and Yang…


And of course Trixie and Yang are tunamazing!


And my fish are tunama— wait they’re fish can they be tunamazing? XD


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**/!\ Idea List of Your Plausible Doom!** Warning: if this wasn't in a file folder, it would be considered as spam! This is even bigger than the last idea nuke I created!

Rainforest music
My Pet Bird
Hotel Manager
Business Master
iPod with Music
Little Alchemy
Stay Alive game through choices
Space Game
Racing (Space Race?)
Draw a Character
Make Your Own Character
Shooting Star game/comet
Drawing Pad multiple brushes
[food or drink] maker
Grocery store
Coffee house
Duck Hunt
Dinner Dash
Stay Alive
Coffee House
Mall Manager
A board game (Life, Monopoly, etc.)
A cooking game
A spy movie
A school movie
A school simulator
A simulator
A maze
Something 2.5D
An arcade game
Pixel art
Emoji pixel art
Don’t let the Pigs(animal) Pass
In-Editor Scavenger Hunt
Food launcher
RNA Transcription
Create a store
Chocolate maker
Store owner
iPad or iPhone
Santa Simulator
Clean the room
Escape the room with riddles
Something related to a green bear
Stoplight simulator
Make up some random music
Gravity falls adventure
Hunting simulator
Golf simulator
A drawing board with music and mini games
Explore bikini bottom
Hopscotch in hopscotch
Stargirl’s adventure
Underwater background
Rayman run (check App Store)
Subway surfers
Minion simulator
Pizza maker
Mining master
Pastry shop
Working tv
Camp half blood
Boss fight
Screensavers (like bubbles and ribbons)
Spa day
Wedding day
Find your cat
Working clock
Soda simulator
Science experiments
Build a bear workshop
Fossil digging
Start a business
Jurassic world
Cinema simulator
Temple run
Own a house
Building game
Plane game!
Battle game!
Hot air balloon game!
Catch the apples!
Back to bed (a game in the App Store)
Music with chords!
Cat game
Cooking game!
Puppy game!
Hopscotch forums!
3D game
2D game!
Drawing pad
Cookie maker, cake maker, icecream maker
House simulator
Dog simulator
Cat simulator
Music of some sort
Combination lock
Easter egg decorator
Text art
Model maker
Care for an animal
Catch the potato
Dress the potato
Make it rain potatoes
If Undertale had a connection to potatoes
Chance game
Game with potatoes
Game Boy emulator
3DS emulator
Windows 10 simulator
Windows 95 simulator
Game with AI
Meme creator
Shia LaBeouf simulator
Custom programming language in Hopscotch
Hopscotch in Hopscotch
Fancy draw pad
Custom drawing concept (Arcade, don’t let go of screen, etc.)
Sin/cos art
Olympics simulator
Your favorite app in Hopscotch
Something that has to do with autocorrect
:smiley: Draw
:smiley: simulator
:smiley: background
Texting simulator
A seasonal game
Hospital manager simulator
An unseasonal game
Wizard simulator
Simulator simulator
Simulator simulator simulator
A quiz
A quiz in a quiz if it’s even possible
An impossible quiz
Hopscotch Forum
Find the object
Automatic updating Hopscotch Forum
A chair
A loading screen
Vacation simulator
Pandora with moosics
Undertale battle simulator
Undertale dog salad eating simulator
Gangnam Style simulator
An overrated song
An underrated song
An Undertale song
The song that is stuck in your head
Chore simulator
Trolling simulator
Anonymous/Follow4LikesOfficial simulator
Rawrbear simulator
Yourself simulator
The Hopscotch Team simulator
Sentient AI (if you want a challenge XD)
Activity tab simulator
Photoshop simulator
Something that isn’t a simulator
High five cookie clicker
Musical instruments
A camera
A flashlight
Paint drying simulator
Watching the grass grow simulator
A coded OC
No WIFI simulator
Kitty Klicker
Doggy Dlicker
Rage simulator
Card game w/ AI
Racing game
School simulator
How many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop
Adding on to an idea list simulator
Dance Dance Revolution
No ideas simulator
Dance game with buttons
Being creative simulator
Eye simulator
Game where device acts like a wii remote
Dress up game
Hairstyle game
3D shading project
Game using only tilt
Other arcade games
Shopping simulator
Customer service simulator
Exercise game using tilt
Random sentence maker
Altered characters using HSBs
A Day in the life of a cat
A day in the life of a dog
A PowerPoint
Make your own adventure
Office worker simulator
A day in the life of a [insert animal here]
A person is offline and online simulator
A website
Waiting simulator
Relaxation simulator with music and backgrounds
Platform with unusual gravity aspects
Symmetrical draw pattern thingy
Creative Coder simulator
Undertale platformer
Character battles
Drawing pad with realistic strokes
Potato platformer game
Watermelon platformer game
Bird watching simulator
Shape maker
Cloud maker
Memorization game
Heads Up
A keyboard
A cool Hopscotch tutorial
YouTube in Hopscotch
Vine in Hopscotch
Musical.ly in Hopscotch
Instagram in Hopscotch
Twitter in Hopscotch
Find the Easter eggs (secrets)
Find the Easter eggs (actual eggs)
Find Easter’s eggs (Someone is named Easter)
Something that’s not on this huge list
Letter simulator
Leave a trail letters
Notebook paper
Diary of a Hopscotch character
Breakfast making simulator
Meal making simulator
Simple game that actually has a lot of secrets
Realistic gravity
Leave a Trail Art (Inside a frame)
Customized Hopscotch blocks that work in Hopscotch
Potato chip eating simulator
Random soda generator
Bubble wrap popping simulator
A chalkboard/whiteboard
Candy maker
Generative art
Take photographs simulator
Homework helper
Fake online shopping
Amazon logo
eBay logo
Nintendo logo
A logo for yourself
Hacking simulator
A cool background
Pooping simulator (because why not)
Rainbow background
Getting on Featured simulator
Text art of emojis
A logo for yourself
Liking simulator
Car driving simulator
Blanket physics
This list in many mini projects in one project
Running out of likes on the forum simulator
Comic creator
Nobel Peace Prize simulator
Cookie making simulator with real recipe
Boredom simulator
Spoon reflection engine
Build a robot
Moveable humanoid crystalline
Candle simulator
Half empty, half full survey
Reflex tester
Naughty/Nice detector
Fan physics
Lie detector
Fanart as pixel art!
Dog with bouncy ball physics
Sunny day/ rainy day simulator Phone service simulator
Job game
Hopscotch iPhone coding editor simulator
Recreating recreating recreating recreating Hopscotch in Hopscotch in Scratch in Hopscotch
Minecraft with full 3d graphics and a rotating user interface! (HARD)
Remake an OLD project.
Rubik’s cube thingy
a hopscotch anime series
Dancing person animation
Clone stuff
Hot dog simulator
3D catdog
Openable Refrigerator with openable potato plastic bags
Cooking a burger simulator
Dabbing simulator
Asking “why are there so many simulators on the idea nuke” simulator
Super Bowl simulator
A music video in hopscotch
Your reaction to this list simulator
Awesomeness simulator
Tem simulator
Full keyboard with different languages, autocorrect, shortcuts, and fonts
Cat jumping out of your closet and onto your face while scratching off your nose simulator
I’m at Never ending T.V. show
Lyric project
Black hole simulator
Space Simulator (like murkiplur played)
Idea nuke randomizer
A very annoying sound
“Multiplayer” Google Docs
Pushing a bag out a window simulator
Mining simulator
Minions short film!
Zombie apocalypse simulator
Chara simulator
Divide by Sheep (no gore pls)
Bad grammer simulator
Bad time simulator
Xbox simulator
PlayStation simulator
The Sequence (include awesome music)
A yawning person
Code your pet
[insert Hopscotch character here] simulator!
Hopscotch characters before they were on Hopscotch simulator
Remake a vine!
Fabulous simulator
Mettaton pixel art
Test simulator with letter grades at the end
Cheating simulator
A simulator of a very specific and close-minded list creator
Bunny simulator
Bad pun simulator
The universe
Joke creator
Lag simulator
Evolution (starting with muscles and nodes to cells)
AFK simulator
iPad with Back to ___ feature
Ruin as much stuff as possible game
Game that breaks the 4th wall
Game that can be a whole different game from another playthrough (using values)
Game that makes you code you coding you coding you coding you coding yourself coding a way to restart your iPad in 1 second
Color switch remake
Piano tiles remake
COMPLETELY remake another Hopscotcher’s project WITH THEIR PERMISSION
Crossy road remake
Pixel G⁣un 3D
Geometry dash
Monument Valley
The Impossible Game (basically the same as GD)
Google Hangouts with AI
iPad crashing simulator
I have a german song stuck in my head simulatir
Metal detector
Something simulator
Oh wow, I just realized that GD == Geometry Dash == Giraffedolphin simulator wait…what?
Pi⁣ll swallowing simulator
Famous Hopscotcher Simulator
This is not a simulator simulator
Build a bear workshop
five nights at freddies
running out of idea .-.
Gargoyles with passwords for rooms simulator
Fake news project
Clustertruck remake
Escape the room
Harry potter
Making cereal game
Sprinkle simulator
Grilling a sandwich game
Wait, did you just write Grilling at the same time that I did? simulator
But that was a simulator! simulator
Donut simulator
Milkshake maker
Album covers in hopscotch!
Confusion simulator
Oh no you didn’t! simulator
Finding Pi with octagons
Wii/ XBox/PS1/2/3/4 on Hopscotch
Leprechaun simulator
April Fools prank simulator
Easter simulator
It’s just a prank bro simulator
Trampoline simulator
Aint nobody got time for that simulator
Monster simulator
Trampoline Physics
Annoyance simulator
Bus simulator
Year Countdown
Determination simulator
‘Don’t let the thing get to you’ game
Math Class Simulator
New years ball drop
Nightmare simulator
Cloud data replica/remake/attempt to remake
Omega Flowey simulator
Table flip simulator
Asriel Dreemurr pixel art
Mean Girls (???) simulator
Helicopter flying around your house simulator
Netflix cancellation of Doctor Who reaction…video
Anti-Benedict Cumberbatch’s way of saying penguinsn meme bull⁣ying/teasing
Reaction memes ・゜゚・ :.。…。.: ・’( ゚▽゚*)’・ :.。. .。.: ・゜゚・*
Kana emoticons with trails
Potato flying around your room simulator
Anti-metronome (I can keep my rhythm with no metronome) poster
Donald Trump simulator
Disco simulator
70’s Simulator
Cat simulator
Word count…thing
Almost snapping simulator (145)
don’t die its bad for your health simulator
i just farted simulator
Magic 8 ball…simulator
w8, I’ll be back simulator
Hat simulator
rop remake
Neko Atsume remake
Whiteboard with residue and whiteboard cleaner
Scratch the chalkboard with your nail simulator
I know, I visualize things so easily ;-; simulator
Tell people to go BACK TO WORK simulator
Dog residue simulator
Butterscotch pie maker
Goat mom simulator
Hopscotch the street game in Hopscotch
Cut the Rope remake
Feels by Asriel simulator (a lot of tears)
iPad dying simulator
Flame war simulator
/r/politics remake
Tying shoes simulator
NEVAH! meme
AMA on Reddit simulator
Shamchat/Omegle simulator
Mad Flagger simulator
Apologizing simulator
Popcorn maker
Fashion model
What are thoooooooooose simulator
Expensive movie food simulator
Airport simulator
Tag random people on the forums simulator
Corvus simulator
Sims simulator
Awesome quotes
Make a town [simulator. Duh.]
Water, power, heat features in Cities Skylines
Inadequacy simulator
Jar Jar Binks simulator
Lick Abraham Lincoln’s doorknob
Full Cities: Skylines
Pi generator
Golden ratio generator
Spider Solitaire
Speed card game
AI of AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI coding AI
3D maze with puzzles
Maze runner simulator
Hunger Games simulator
Kawaii emoji creator ( ^ω^ )
Math stuff you have to do for some reason to win
Martial arts simulator
Multiplayer fight
Not other people besides yourself, please!
GiraffeDolphin26 simulator
1v1 simulator
Clash of Clans
Clash Royale
Scratch in Hopscotch
Tynker in Hopscotch
Tynker in Scratch in Hopscotch
Scratch in Tynker in Hopscotch
Rawrbear simulator
Fangirl simulator
Collab simulator
3v3 simulator
Swift programming in Hopscotch
Ruby on Rails programming in Hopscotch
Swift 1.0/2.0 programming in Hopscotch
Lua programming in Hopscotch
Sanic simulator
Anime con simulator
Blur (smudge) drawing tool
Python in Hopscotch
JavaScript in Hopscotch
Classy simulator
Stop the idea nuke simulator (^人^)
Optical Illusions
Make your own optical illusion
Error message simulator
7 horcruxes trail art
¯_(ツ)/¯ trail art
Dog trail art
Cat trail art
Google Docs trail art
Fan trail art
Lamp trail art
(ツ)_/¯ vs :smiley: battle
Bird trail art
Mom simulator
Dad simulator
Sister simulator
Brother simulator
Cracker eater
Hamster trail art
Trolley trail art
Door simulator
Doorbell simulator
Windowsill trail art
Window glass pixel art
Door textures
Windows 98 computer
Windows 10 simulator
Windows 8 simulator
Ubuntu simulator
Android phone simulator
Extremely fast music
Extremely slow music
osu! pixel art
Wave hello simulator
Duck life
Mad Dummy simulator
Speed typing rage
SoundCloud simulator
Synthesia in Hopscotch
Tape dispenser
Post Office simulator
FL Studio
Puzzle Forge 2 remake with ads
___ with ads
August Pullman text-based game
Just Do It simulator
Riddle quizzes
Blooming flowers
Band concert simulator
Card shuffling
YTP creator
MLG montage creator
Foghorn creator
Airhorn remixes of undertale music :0
Ride in a blimp
Snoopy’s doghouse
Crow simulator
Scarf simulator
Constellation creator
Constellation guide
RIP Headphone Users trail art w/ horrible music
Box opener
Sweatpants and ice cream after a break up simulator
Can opener
An explosion
Bag untying simulator
Bag tying simulator
Running out of characters simulator
Slamming door simulator
Welcome to the Internet meme
Light glares
Wind chimes
Binary storage
Opening mail
Shoe maker
Toy maker
Chair creator
Table creator
BAS-approved tag list in Hopscotch
Coke and Mentos experiment without Coke and Mentos
D⁣e⁣a⁣t⁣h by Glamour in Hopscotch
:frowning: simulator
Spam the winky faces :wink::wink::wink:
Coding simulator
Potatanic Apocalypse Effect
Purple Paintball Dinosaurs
Super Mario Sunshine!!
Un Papas
A game called map
178 paper airplanes
Corrupting Code
Doggins remake
Love You to Bits remake
King of Thieves remake (with IAPs)
Drawing undo and redo
Procrastination simulator
Goat Simulator Simulator
The I’m So Show
Sleeping Pillows
Nike Pegasus’s aren’t really pegasuses
Tony Hawk’s dinner
Underneath the sofa
Throw a bottle festival
Switch Blade
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Y
Dragon Ball X
Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon Black and White
Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Yellow and Green
Pokemon Pen and Pencil
Pokemon Pencil and Pennsylvania
Pokemon Gray and Gray
Pokemon 100 and 0
Pokemon 50 and 50
Pokemon Skittles and M&M’s
Pokemon Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Pokemon Letters and Numbers
Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh and Yo-Kai-Watch
Pokemon Apple and Microsoft
Pokemon Kit and Kat
Pokemon iOS and MacOS
Pokemon Samsung and Sony
Pokemon AM and PM
Pokemon Police and PO-Leece
Pokemon Left and Right
Pokemon English and Spanish
Pokemon Plate and Bowl
Pokemon Up and Down
Pokemon J and K
Pokemon I’m and Done
Chess V2
Chess V3
Chess V7 and a half point five!
Orange is the new Orange
Propeller Mushroom
Power Flower
Pink Lemonade HAX
Golden Egg HAX
I’m so fancy HAX
Curry curry HAX
Shiny red balloon HAX
Balloon physics
Italic text
Bold Text HAX
Italian Bacon HAX
Tugging rug HAX
Wallpapers (breakfast, food, countries, holidays, youtubers)
The pipe cleaner HAX
Make something never even heard of before!
Clone Drawings
Printing HAX
Thinking about HAX
Wall Tiling HAX
(Opening parentheses
)Closing parentheses
•bullet point
;semi colon
Terraria Mods
Minecraft Mods
The Elbow Mod
The Packet Pack Mod
The Microwave Mod
The Genetically Modified Cow Mod
The Harmonica Mod
The Vans Shoe Mod
The Fireplace Mod
The Quantum Physics Mod
The Un-Minecrafty Mod
The Ben Franklin Mod
The Modified Mod
The Endings Mod
The Eraser Mod
The Purple Eraser Mod
The Sunny in the Fun Mod
The Model mod
Trig calculator
Advanced Men⁣tal Abuse To Humans calculator
Factorial Calculator
Quantum locked status
Potato warriors
Big gooey green evil gross slugs from space
Shoe maker
Super Mario
Super meat boy
Legend of Zelda
Callable phone
Collapsable Phone
Cremated Phone
Calculator of doom
MobCraft simulator
Pet food maker
Anime characters pixel art
Doggo physics
Life Sim
Melodies (big project with lots of melodies)
Kefir (Russian smoothie) shaking machine
Hotdog on head physics
Toca Boca Hair Salon
Serve food at Taco Bell
Serve food at a super fancy restaurant
Penguin Diner-like thingy (restaurant sim)
Club Penguin
Animal Jam
^−☆ kana emoji battle!
Election sim
OY BABY IT’S A TRIPLE!!1! simulator
Doge simulator
Kappa simulator
Hexagon 2048 (harder than regular 2048)
Text art of your pets
Doge 2048
2048: 2083728029 edition
A form with keyboard (hard)
Destroy the copyright©
Newbie Project XD
MagmaPOP Project XD
Something like www.lmgtfy.com
goggle.com sim (virus website)
Sims City
Dan And Phil Internet Support Group Simulator
Try to make a sick Dubstep beat
Internet surfer (very very very very very very very very very very hard)
Megalovania in Hopscotch
The music video for Sander van Doorn & MOTi- Lost (there’s an old man dancing but don’t mind that)
Scratch In HS
AOL SuperSearch™ simulator
Emily Is Away
Spam email sim with replying (very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very hard)
Tumblr in HS
pet simulator
Facepalm simulator
Hair cut simulator
Raffle game
Claw game
Colored pencil text art
Burp simulator
Make a pie simulator
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone se
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Pro
iPad Pro 9.7"
iPad Mini
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini 3
iMac 5k
Fig Newton
Fig Tree
Apple Tree
Apple Computers
Microsoft Computers
Yoobi Art Supplies
Crayola Art Supplies
Construct a disease
Chipotle E Coli
Pollo Loco
Big Mac
Macbook Pro with Retina HD
Text Art
HSB colors
Invent a new smooth background!
Random idea generator
Mlg stuffs
Make a movie about something that happened this week!
Windows 12
Idea Nuke Doc XD
Google with Easter Eggs
Escape the Building
Stickmin Series (ie Break into the Bank, Steal the Diamond, etc)
He need some milk simulator
/¯ simulator
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) simulator
ಠ_ಠ simulator

Credit to @Rawrbear, @Dude73, @Huggingfluffybear, @smishsmash, @PopTart0219, @Fun_in_the_Sun, @Giraffedolphin26, @GysvANDRegulus, @Sparkczy, @AHappyCoder, CreativeCoder, @MobCraft and @JonnyGamer for helping on the list! We worked hard on putting in tons of ideas into one huuuuuuuge list!

Hope this helps! :)


I need advice on a project…

@pomtl…any advice???


I think it’s cool, but pretty short


Maybe make it take a longer time to cook?
Anyways, I think it’s feature worthy!


I really like the game and the idea overall! Like others said, maybe the cooking time could be increased. And, if you also could add some kind of meter so that you could determinate more easily how much the marshmallow is cooked would be great, if the game isn´t intended to involve some guesses.