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I have cat too boi


Hey @TheDeliciousOrange I was thinking you could use that in a game where you have to escape the black hole. Just an idea


Cat apocalypse! So many cute kittys!


Random drawing I made! Super proud of it




Who’s exited for the winter contest?:smile:


Hi I’m back! Is anyone here?


Cat in baggggggggggzzzzzzz
Cat in baggggggggggzzzzzzz = cuteeeeeee


Just a cool thing, I’m creating a new project for hwc


What is HWC???


Hopscotch winter contest


Oh thanks @seedlesswatermelon42


My cat often sleeps in my sock drawer, and my tie bin.


Hey everyone here’s my hwc project!


Cat UwU


Hey Y’all! I’m back! Me and TheDeliciousOrange Created a Collab account. It’s Orange Muffin Studios. It’s not on forum, but you can find us on hopscotch. We are currently working on a 3D ”geometry dash” project (AKA 3D Geometric Shape Jump) (TheDeliciousOranges idea, not mine). Happy Hopscotching! :grin:


  • I should use THIS picture as my profile pic
  • I shouldn’t use THIS picture as my profile pic

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Wow that looks good !!


Agreed. That drawing is on point!


Ignore the extremely dirty couch