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Hi @MewtwoCreator how are you?


Good. And you?


Fine. Well sort of…


I’m kinda hyper-replying on the we can make featured better page.


I’m going to have to go soon…


GTG officially see you all tomorrow


We usually go through our following tabs, #games (sometimes #movies), trending, and we look at what other people have liked. We also look at all the nominated projects here on the forum!


Hello Everyone! I just joined the forum, and I’m a freind of @TheDeliciousOrange . We are good friends. If you need proof, look here. It’s a project we made together, on our collab team. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zyee4am2e


Hello Y’all! I’m a good freind of @TheDeliciousOrange and just got on the forum. I saw this topic and decided to post. Me and @TheDeliciousOrange have a collab channel, btw. We are currently working on some secret 3d things. In case you are wondering, Orange will be back tomorrow. (Probably)


Sorry About the previous spam. My reply’s weren’t loading.


Your name sounds delicious!


Thanks @hopscotch-curators


Oh and Hi Santa!!!


Hi @TheDeliciousOrange


I want to incorporate this project into a featured worthy game. Any ideas?


This is my cat Rubbie (we call her that because she always rubs against something or someone.)




Please note the “Cats Are People Too” Poster in the Background
@swca the pass is EDITED OUT YOU CREEPS


Yes very true
For example my cat was hogging my bed sleeping like a person this one time
And then there’s his sweet tooth