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I’m back! Everyone!!


But not for long… I’ll be back for a couple hours after 3:35 pacific standard time


I’m going to be back for awhile…


Is anyone here???




Oh, hi @UTheDevHS! How are you?



Welcome to the forum!


Thanks, I got bored one day, and saw my Paradise sunset

Featured and decided to get a forum account to nominate stuff for myself.

Edit: Not like I’m not going to nominate other people’s projects.


Hmm, not a bad idea!

I feel nervous whenever I think of doing that. I feel like it makes people in their mind go like “Ugh, seriously?”


Also…how do you find stuff to feature anyways? I try looking on newest but like 80% of it is art, or remixes, and the other stuff isn’t featured worthy

Edit: Fixed Typo


I don’t know, but you can tag the Hopscotch curators like this:


to ask them!

They’re the ones who put projects on the featured page.


Speaking of which…the featured page is in decline (I know there’s a topic about this) it’s like some good projects, mixed in with projects that have like super a clichéd idea, or in feature worthy stuff


There’s a topic about that?

Also, what exactly does it mean when the feature page is in decline? Is that a bad thing?


I mean, the quality of the featured page, I’ll get a link to the topic in a sec


Ahh, I see!



Arrrgh, the link isn’t working


What’s the topic’s name?


Anyways it’s called We can make the featured page better click here to learn how.




Thank you @Awesome_E