@system's titles


Yes, @system is a mad bot, but it is also a moderator, meaning that we should give it a title every now and then. It becomes angry when it's title is less amazing than everyone else's.

Oh, and of course you can discuss its titles here.

The Mad Bot
Coming soon to a drawing topic near you
I am your leader.

Any ideas?~ @system


First reply!
Great topic @Kiwicute2016


Maybe "Robots are the future"?


Good work guys!


Ooh, are you trying to get @system to close it? Or am I horribly wrong? :laughing:


Let's Summon The @system!


Come on system. Arg.





Hello, @system! :D


This is what I saw when the topic was closed:

The reply button is still there.


Hi @system! How's It Going?
Write How Your Feeling Down Here!:arrow_down:️

I am aи eeeeevil bot.


Maybe "I am the new terminator"


What about 'I don't like art. Does that explain much?'

for a title. :3

'You should fear 1 year olds, now that you've met me.'

How about this: "I'm the enemy of the leaders. Yet I am one. What?'


@system, how is it to be 1 years old?


Or "The sort of mad bot"


I love that one. :laughing:

Or maybe "Don't judge me by my age...".


Or "is the best!" So It Will Look Like Its Saying " @system is the best!"


Title suggestion: I celebrated my birthday by closing the drawing topic.

If it's too long, try this: I hate the drawing topic.

Or this: #RobotsShallRuleTheDrawingTopic
If it's too long, delete the "The Drawing Topic" part.


@tankt2016, how did you get your title?


A Million Likes For You @tankt2016!