System's Strange Summary... (Glitch? Secret topics?)


Notice anything... odd... about this picture?

136 topics? Are you kidding me? What is this about?

Any explanation?


I think its just a glitch.

@System explain!!


Is that how many topics it has closed?


I doubt it. I think that's counted as posts.


Hmm Idk, @system just closed a topic 2 minutes ago and it still sayes 136 topics


System sends messages like liza.


Hmm... how told you that??? XD sorry just curious, XD I've never heard that beore


myself, he's sent me one before


So I has found a loophole!
If it hasn't been on a day how does it has 136 topics?
Were they all created in a second?


Because System's a robot, they can't read topics :stuck_out_tongue:


has been found...
If this so called @system has not been on for a day how does it has the anniversary badge? The badge is given to someone who has been active for 100 days?


No, the anniversary badge is given to someone who's had an account for a year and posted at least once???


This is fun!
I think it is fun!
This should be the topic to find loopholes and solve them!


I think it's fun too! I guess you can do that, XD


What are you talking about? XD

1701? Are you talking about the time in that screenshot? :p

And what that badge description says is exactly what I said, lol

System is active, he closes topics all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


How do u know @system is a he? Are u assuming @system's gender!

Oh and yeah I guess I didn't notice it was what u said, I was caught up in the moment


How are they a leader if they aren't even a basic? @system please explain (especially if you really got leader without getting regular! Okay I'll GBOT)


Nobody knows!
Wait ur assuming its gender too!


Okay yeah I'm assuming his gender. I'll just change the 'he' to a singular 'they', how about that?


But posted at least once...